Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Bread Ship

It’s bedtime – nine times the clock has chimed
But we’re not going to bed yet!
Tucked in our blankets we are
But on the mattress our minds are not!

Outside the white window a ship of bread is sailing
A tasty dot among the twinkling stars
The moon is just another yellow banana
But it’s hung in the midst of a velvet carpet!

Whilst we stare outside the bread ship arrives
The gingerbread crew bides us to board
And without a second thought, board we do!
Jump out the window and into the crunchy ship

The ship sails afloat the night sky 
And the fluffy clouds are made of cotton candy
As we travel further through the night that goes chilly
The gingerbread crew hangs a napkin sail

The night is young, claims the Captain
And we play ball with a chocolate chip cookie
We wave our nightcaps to the adults down there:
We know they’re probably not asleep!

On the deck we sit and attentively we listen
To the heroic tales of cereals and against spoons
To pretty stories of ribbons and moonlight
But the Tale of the Blue Cheese is the most interesting of all

Time flies and so does the night,
And soon the sun peeks on the other side of the horizon
And so the Captain stirs the bread ship aside
To a tiny white house with a red roof – that’s our home!

The gingerbread men bide us a sad farewell
And then we know we don’t want to go
But come has the morning and we must
So quietly we creep into the white windows and wave

The rooster cock-a-doodle-doo’d and wake up must we
But a plate of bacons and hams and sausages awaits us:
It’s the start of a new day,
And it’s time to forget the night in the land of Danish Dreams

Ode to Food

Glorious is the slice of melted cheese
Whose beauty permeates through layers
Salty, tangy and absolutely delicious
This I proclaim through my joyful lips!

I glorify the greasy slices of bacon
A work of art like no other
They shine and glimmer from plate tops
Only they can wink so irresistibly!

My nose bows to the smell of fresh bread
And my mouth waters to the cracks
It coyly tempts to be bitten
Its rich texture demands to be tasted

The joy of salad is like no other
Fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes
The tasty, satisfying crunch dances in my mouth
Such a beautiful, unique sensation

My eyes light up at the sight of steamed ham
My stomach humbly sings odes
Though dull may be its colour at first sight
My tongue so sharply contradicts!

The march of fruits teases my senses
Jackfruits and durians and mangoes
And apples and bananas and peaches
All the fruits that I adore finally come to me

The belly of the pork satisfies
And the legs of the chicken tempt
The head of the fish rests in my bowl of soup
Side-by-side to the fin of the mean shark

Seafood, how I love thee
To the crabs have I proclaimed my loyalty
And to the prawns have I given my life
To the shellfishes I sing the songs of joy

To the cookies I dedicate the rest of my life
But never will I have enough of
The seduction of chocolate and cheesecake
Or the cool soothes of the ice cream

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Not a single sound
Not a single bound

Not a drip
Not a slip

Not a click
Not a kick

Not a hum
Not a rum

Not a spin
Not a fin

Not a voice

...Not so great a poem. Consider this my homecoming attempt.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I stood on the precipice
Just past the final threshold
The stars were shining brightly
That no cloud was able to dim them

I balanced on the end of the stick
Just a bit before the last millimeter
The water below was hot, I could sense it,
That no amount of ice would stop it from boiling

I was on the top of the skyscraper
Just a step under the baby blue sky
I glanced below, and thought,
Maybe I would float if I threw myself down

I stood on the precipice
Just past the final threshold
I dreamt like I never dreamt before
I sang like I never sang before

I listened to the moon

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The King of the World

I am the King of the World. The World is under my command. The Mountains are my generals and the Seas are my marshals. The Sky is my one true advisor and the Earth is my empress. The Wind blows on my command, the Rain falls once my lips part and the Grounds shake upon my wish. And humans are my people; in a way, my pawns, though I regard them highly. I respect them, and I wish for them to respect me. I treat them based on how they treat me. They play fair, I play fair. They do good, I do good. But once they dirty my marshals, or misuse my generals, or even worse: disturb my empress -- they shall receive none other than my wrath.

I am the King of the World. My army is on the land and in the water, in the sky and in the soil. All trees are my majors and all animals that walk and crawl on earth my captains. The birds that fly in the sky are my agents and the creatures in the sea my faithful followers.

I am Nature, and God give me the power to take care of the planet.

I am the King of the World.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Your Life

You were abandoned
You were uncared for
You were not paid attention to
You had no friends
You had no one
You were caged
You feared
You were alone

You couldn't speak
Because you had no one to speak to
You couldn't scream
Because you had no one to hear you
You couldn't cry
You didn't dare to
Because there was no shoulder for you to cry on
Because you were afraid to be weak

Now you are free
Now you have people who care
Now you have a goal
Now you have a mission
You are no longer abandoned
You are no longer alone
You spread your wings
You aim from the sky
You fly

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hallucination, the World of Lies

Hallucination, the world of lies
The place we reside within
The place where everyone goes and dies
Where everyone could never stop the sin

Hallucination, the world of lies
Pretending to speak the words of truth
Lies in every corners, lies in every sides
This sadness in the hearts, it can never soothe

Hallucination, the world of lies
Bring me to somewhere happy
Though only in dreams of clouds and skies
I do not care, for I'm as innocent as a puppy