Thursday, September 23, 2010

The King of the World

I am the King of the World. The World is under my command. The Mountains are my generals and the Seas are my marshals. The Sky is my one true advisor and the Earth is my empress. The Wind blows on my command, the Rain falls once my lips part and the Grounds shake upon my wish. And humans are my people; in a way, my pawns, though I regard them highly. I respect them, and I wish for them to respect me. I treat them based on how they treat me. They play fair, I play fair. They do good, I do good. But once they dirty my marshals, or misuse my generals, or even worse: disturb my empress -- they shall receive none other than my wrath.

I am the King of the World. My army is on the land and in the water, in the sky and in the soil. All trees are my majors and all animals that walk and crawl on earth my captains. The birds that fly in the sky are my agents and the creatures in the sea my faithful followers.

I am Nature, and God give me the power to take care of the planet.

I am the King of the World.

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