Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ode to Food

Glorious is the slice of melted cheese
Whose beauty permeates through layers
Salty, tangy and absolutely delicious
This I proclaim through my joyful lips!

I glorify the greasy slices of bacon
A work of art like no other
They shine and glimmer from plate tops
Only they can wink so irresistibly!

My nose bows to the smell of fresh bread
And my mouth waters to the cracks
It coyly tempts to be bitten
Its rich texture demands to be tasted

The joy of salad is like no other
Fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes
The tasty, satisfying crunch dances in my mouth
Such a beautiful, unique sensation

My eyes light up at the sight of steamed ham
My stomach humbly sings odes
Though dull may be its colour at first sight
My tongue so sharply contradicts!

The march of fruits teases my senses
Jackfruits and durians and mangoes
And apples and bananas and peaches
All the fruits that I adore finally come to me

The belly of the pork satisfies
And the legs of the chicken tempt
The head of the fish rests in my bowl of soup
Side-by-side to the fin of the mean shark

Seafood, how I love thee
To the crabs have I proclaimed my loyalty
And to the prawns have I given my life
To the shellfishes I sing the songs of joy

To the cookies I dedicate the rest of my life
But never will I have enough of
The seduction of chocolate and cheesecake
Or the cool soothes of the ice cream

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